About Us

We manage and maintain all chronic diseases with modern medicine and traditional medicine.

We focus on prevention because we know it is key for a healthy life. We focus on the total care of the patient holistically.

I am a Puerto Rican native who relocated to the Tampa area in childhood. I earned my Adult Nurse Practitioner degree from South University Tampa in 2014. I began my career in rheumatology but quickly figured out that I enjoyed taking care of the complete person, so I began to focus on primary care. I have experience in adult primary care, particularly platelet rich plasma therapy for joint pain and rheumatology. I founded StemLife HPC to address the systemic failures in the modern healthcare system by providing patient-forward, holistic health care. I am the mother to four amazing children and five grandchildren, who take up most of my free time — I would not have it any other way! I love doing yoga, meditation and keeping active daily. I also love to read and travel.

My journey to providing holistic care came from my own experience with our healthcare system. I cannot tolerate western medicines that are generally prescribed to treat diseases, so I had to find a way to treat my illnesses without the impact of the side effects of pharmaceuticals. I decided to learn more about how our bodies work best: with the food we eat and the medicines that nature provides. I know pharmaceuticals have a place in medicine and can definitely help with many acute problems and some chronic diseases but prevention and natural healing have a life long connection to our health.

Deborah Garcia, Founder


Our Credentials

Why People Choose Us

Prevention Focused

We focus on prevention because we know it is key for a healthy life. We focus on taking care of the whole person.

Quality Time with Patient

We take our time learning all about your health so we can work on improving and maintaining chronic diseases.

Community Program Connections

We incorporate community programs such as yoga, meditation, herbal remedies, and nutrition guidance to reach the best possible outcome for you.

Care for Everyone

We take care of patients who don’t have insurance, are under-insured, or patients who have insurance but want a better connection with their primary care provider & their health.

Meet Our Team

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